Welcome to Linkkumylly!

Stay with us all year round

Mäntyharju’s nature is beautiful and grand. The forests and the lakes set the scene for a unique experience of the outdoors. Its clean water and abundant birdlife are only a two-hour drive away from the metropolitan region. At Linkkumylly you will end each day with a view of the sun setting over the tranquil lake. Why not enjoy the view from miller Taavi’s old sauna in its embracing heat? Experience the mill estate all year-round: the vibrant fall, the glistening winter, the fresh spring and the energetic summer are all enchanting times to get to know Mäntyharju’s culture and nature.

Accommodation, Summer cafe, exhibitions and nature

This year our summer season begins on 15.7.2018. The summer cafe and exhibitions are not open in this summer.

You can find more information about our accommodation services and  in their assigned sections.

Ask us about options for dining and other customized activity packages.

We welcome you to the serenity of Linkkumylly!